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Dubai Airports signs agreement with ROAMWORKS for Award Winning Cargo Security solution

Dubai Airports signs agreement with ROAMWORKS for Award Winning Cargo Security solution

  • ROAMWORKS has developed a number of wireless remote asset monitoring and management solutions, including an award-winning Cargo Security solution for the Transportation and Logistics sector.
  • Dubai Airports was looking for a unified solution, an innovative and impenetrable method of tracking movements in and out of secure areas, including but not limited to airfields and warehouses.
  • Our partnership ensures that Dubai Airports can offer a seamless & unified solution, and can track, trace, and monitor movement and activity of cargo in real-time via ROAM Platform

DUBAI, UAE, 3 May, 2018. Dubai Airports is executing on its vision of leveraging IoT technologies to enhance its robust and secure cargo business operations. By using the proprietary ROAM IoT Platform along with electronic seals, Dubai Airports, in close coordination with its service partners, will ensure integrity and visibility into cargo container and vehicle activity from the loading site to the off-loading site.

The ROAM platform empowers all service partners, including Dubai Police, and Dubai Customs with real-time information on the trip status and allows Dubai Airports’ staff to efficiently manage the whereabouts of cargo, while ensuring security is being adhered to throughout the transportation process. This solution also helps authorities prevent theft or fraud as they can see whether products or items are tampered with or taken outside of specifically designated secure zones. The system is designed to detect and prevent suspicious activity, and provides transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.

“Our goal is to help boost trade and commerce and add to Dubai’s already impressive reputation as a global hub for cargo,” said Faisal Al Mulla, Director of Cargo at Dubai Airports. “The new platform further enhances our ability to provide seamless, secure and efficient transfer of cargo between the fourth busiest airport in the world for international cargo volumes (DXB) and the 19th (DWC).”

The technology will allow DA to have confidence in the integrity of shipments being made into and between cargo facilities at Dubai International and Dubai World Central. Furthermore, the deployment of ROAMWORKS’ Cargo Security solution by stakeholders using the new secure ‘Green Corridor’ will optimize human resources, streamline the operations and offer seamless connectivity for both of Dubai’s airports.

“We have been trialling and improving our Cargo Security IoT offering with the unmatched support of Dubai Airports for a period of time. We are proud to support Dubai Airports’ vision of continuous business improvement and ensuring excellence in Cargo Security is a mission critical. Our Cargo Security solution received the award for Innovative Security Software of the Year 2017 at Transport Arabia in December last year, and the solution will be further enhanced during the course of 2018 and Dubai Airports’ vision will contribute immensely to our overall product roadmap,” commented, Mohammad Daudi, Director – Global Sales, ROAMWORKS.



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