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Heavy Equipment


Let your equipment tell you how it can be managed better

If you manage a diverse portfolio of Heavy Equipment Assets across multiple locations, ROAMWORKS’ Asset Monitoring solution for Heavy Equipment empowers you with 40+ dynamic, real-time Alarms and Notifications, 40+ BI Reports and visibility across 50+ usage parameters for multiple asset types. Improve your bottom-line today with significant time and cost savings with ROAM for Heavy Equipment.

A single, user-friendly platform for multi-asset intelligence

Our Heavy Equipment Monitoring solution is a unique cloud-based system with an intuitive, feature-rich interface. You can customize ROAM to address your specific challenges in managing a diverse portfolio of assets.

Cloud-based platform

A cloud-based monitoring application that provides you full visibility of your operational processes and asset activity.

Alarm system

40+ Dynamic, real-time alarms and notifications for various scenarios, different objects and asset types.

Complete Visibility

Complete, real-time visibility of your assets located anywhere around the world.

Greater Insight

40+ Business Intelligence reports on your operations and equipment.

Easy-to-read Information

Get easy-to-read information at the click of a mouse, and pull configurable reports that can be emailed or sent via text.

Proactive Checks

Check fluids, gauges and battery life.

Improved Equipment Utilization

Pinpoint exactly where your assets are at any given moment, so you can confidently schedule the next deployment.

Monitor Engine Performance

Monitor engine performance to ensure optimal operation and productivity.

Intelligent Mechanisms

Intelligent start/stop, idling mechanism to identify suspicious activities.


Geofence-based events.


Be notified when there are security threats or violations.


Absolute visibility into equipment condition and performance.



It is vital for the Oil & Gas industry to ensure the authenticity of their products. To protect against and prevent tampering and theft. This is why having full visibility of stationary or mobile tanks enable businesses to optimize operations, make agile decisions and gain competitive edge.



Optimum operations and efficient fleet management is the key to control cost for businesses. We help you monitor real-time location and travel progress, utilization, mechanical condition, driver performance, idle time, and more, with GSM/GPRS and Satellite-based technology that tracks every movement, every step of the way.



Whether your business leases or rents high-value equipment, you no longer have to worry about the location or maintenance of these assets while in the field. We provide comprehensive real-time data you need to safeguard your business profitability while meeting critical customer requirements, be it engine run time, oil pressure or complex minute-by-minute equipment activity.