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We innovate today, for tomorrow


Through a proven set of core values that run deep within each member of our team, ROAMWORKS partners with organizations of all sizes to change the way they monitor their business operations.


We aspire to play a significant role in the global efforts of taking machine relationships to a state of autonomy, thus unlocking the further value of human time.

Our Core Values


Sincerity in action, character, and utterance. This commitment to truth continues to guide our day-to-day dealings.


Being open with your colleagues, boss, client, partner or supplier results in better relationships. Hiding your shortcomings or mistakes might protect you a little, some of the time but it won’t fully cover you, all of the time.


Why make life difficult? Keep it simple and always be honest with yourself and everyone else inside and outside the company. It’s just the right thing to do.


We do not demean ourselves by engaging in unethical business practices. Let others do that if they so choose; we are happy to pass on corrupt deal-making and would rather keep our integrity.

Our Customers



It is vital for the Oil & Gas industry to ensure the authenticity of their products. To protect against and prevent tampering and theft. This is why having full visibility of stationary or mobile tanks enable businesses to optimize operations, make agile decisions and gain competitive edge.



Optimum operations and efficient fleet management is the key to control cost for businesses. We help you monitor real-time location and travel progress, utilization, mechanical condition, driver performance, idle time, and more, with GSM/GPRS and Satellite-based technology that tracks every movement, every step of the way.



Whether your business leases or rents high-value equipment, you no longer have to worry about the location or maintenance of these assets while in the field. We provide comprehensive real-time data you need to safeguard your business profitability while meeting critical customer requirements, be it engine run time, oil pressure or complex minute-by-minute equipment activity.