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Cargo Security

With ROAM Asset Intelligence

Tackle cargo security risks with an impenetrable solution that sets the benchmark

Our Cargo Security Solution relies on our powerful ROAM platform to ensure integrity and visibility of cargo activity from the loading site to the off-loading site. The solution allows keeping stakeholders informed of the trip status to detect and prevent suspicious activity and attacks. We provide transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.

Full visibility and control of your cargo and container anywhere in the world

Watch how ROAM for Cargo Security can improve your business operations and address supply-chain challenges. You’ll see why having full visibility of your cargo container enables you to drive down costs and create new revenue opportunities.

ROAM eSeal

eSeal is a new, removable electronic seal that revolutionizes the way cargo is secured during transport. eSeal is used for tracking intermodal containers’ conveyances using active RFID, GPS and cellular technology.

The high-security electronic seal enables shippers, manufacturers, logistics service providers, and asset owners to actively monitor the security and integrity of cargo assets as their goods move through the supply chain.

The solution combines an electronic seal, GPS tracking & sensing device and GPRS modem. When the eSeal is compromised, the device sends event and location information immediately to the stakeholder.
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ROAM eLock

eLock is an electronic lock that is permanently fixed to your cargo container. The locking system is controlled through the ROAM application, ensuring the risk of unauthorized access is minimized.

Tracking and monitoring cargo vehicles have never been easier. ROAMWORKS provides both security and visibility for logistics providers and government authorities, customs trips as well.

We provide customs and government authorities with real-time remote asset tracking solutions designed to monitor the location and condition of trailers, containers and valuable assets anywhere, anytime.

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  • Solution Features

Cost-Effective Control, Monitoring, and Compliance for Refrigerated Assets

Real-time updates

Get container activity update
in real-time.


Monitor the integrity and security of the movement.

Greater Control

Detect and prevent exploits and malicious activity with rate trips option.


Keep a record and audit trail of all assets/trips/users.


Alarm on security violations.

Activity logs

All pertinent information is logged in the application with details of date, location and associated truck.

  • Solution Benefits


Now it is possible to expand to other markets in a systematic and well-planned manner.


System alarms are crucial and powerful features to prevent damage and detect fuel adulteration.


TOMS provides end-to-end solution across various industries: Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Chemical Industry, Food & Beverages and more.


Informed decisions are possible now to optimize operations and resource usage.

Cost Effective

Reduce operational costs.


Both real-time and historical data is the core value of this solution. Gain greater visibility of your tanks throughout a trip to detect product discrepancy on time.


Be notified when there are security threats or violations.


It is the proper way to adjust some of the authorities regulations both locally and internationally.

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