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Heavy Equipment

With ROAM Asset Intelligence

Let your equipment tell you how it can be managed better

If you manage a diverse portfolio of Heavy Equipment Assets across multiple locations, ROAMWORKS’ Asset Monitoring solution for Heavy Equipment empowers you with 40+ dynamic, real-time Alarms and Notifications, 40+ BI Reports and visibility across 50+ usage parameters for multiple asset types. Improve your bottom-line today with significant time and cost savings with ROAM for Heavy Equipment.

  • Solution Features

Cost-Effective Control, Monitoring, and Compliance for Refrigerated Assets

Cloud-based platform

A cloud-based monitoring application that provides you full visibility of your operational processes and asset activity.

Alarm system

40+ Dynamic, real-time alarms and notifications for various scenarios, different objects and asset types.

Complete Visibility

Complete, real-time visibility of your assets located anywhere around the world supported by 40+ BI reports

  • Solution Benefits

Easy-to-read Information

Get easy-to-read information at the click of a mouse, and pull configurable reports that can be emailed or sent via text.

Improved Equipment Utilization

Pinpoint exactly where your assets are at any given moment, so you can confidently schedule the next deployment.

Intelligent Mechanisms

Intelligent start/stop, idling mechanism to identify suspicious activities.

Monitor Engine Performance

Monitor engine performance to ensure optimal operation and productivity.


Be notified when there are security threats or violations.


Geofence-based events.


Absolute visibility into equipment condition and performance.

Proactive Checks

Check fluids, gauges and battery life.

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