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The ROAM Platform

Powerful, Real-time Asset Intelligence


Our technology allows you to monitor any kind of mobile or fixed assets around the globe and easily solve your business challenges.


We partner with world-leading suppliers of devices, modems and sensor instrumentation to control your assets regardless of location.

Wireless Networks

We simplify remote monitoring and data management with a wide range of wireless communication technologies that deliver real-time information.

ROAM Platform Features

ROAMWORKS’ solutions combine hardware, wireless networks, and software needed for businesses to track, monitor, and analyze the data from their assets.

Cloud-based platform

Our application supports multiple remote monitoring and tracking devices over multiple networks and is accessible via any standard web-browser.

Web-services integration

Our platform can be easily integrated with your ERP and other business systems.

Alarms & Alerts

ROAM includes the ability to set almost infinite alarm or alert scenarios that can be sent via email or SMS to any device the second an alarm condition occurs.

Administration and Security

ROAM provides multiple levels of administration that is configurable to fit any hierarchical structure or user permission requirements.

User-friendly interface

Simple, clean, intuitive and reliable – the ROAM platform is well-organized and easy to use with quick access to common features and commands. We’ve even included multi-language support so users in different regions can access the platform in their native language.

The ROAM Platform

Fueling dynamic decision-making and bottom-line benefits

ROAM is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), allowing customers to take control of their asset management solution more quickly,with less risk and lower up-front costs. ROAMWORKS maintains a highly reliable server infrastructure,has an experienced IT team well-versed in machine communications, and provides 24/7 support, system maintenance,security and software upgrades to our SaaS customers.



It is vital for the Oil & Gas industry to ensure the authenticity of their products. To protect against and prevent tampering and theft. This is why having full visibility of stationary or mobile tanks enable businesses to optimize operations, make agile decisions and gain competitive edge.



Optimum operations and efficient fleet management is the key to control cost for businesses. We help you monitor real-time location and travel progress, utilization, mechanical condition, driver performance, idle time, and more, with GSM/GPRS and Satellite-based technology that tracks every movement, every step of the way.



Whether your business leases or rents high-value equipment, you no longer have to worry about the location or maintenance of these assets while in the field. We provide comprehensive real-time data you need to safeguard your business profitability while meeting critical customer requirements, be it engine run time, oil pressure or complex minute-by-minute equipment activity.